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The Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is dynamic outdoor venue that connects local producers and artisans with the community. In addition to food and artisanal crafts, the culture of the market includes live music and other market happenings such as yoga, art and dance classes that are an integral part of the Yellow Green community. Turning an earthly mission into a bright vision, The Yellow Green Market invites you to join us with your friends and family to support and nurture our beloved community.

**We love our furry friends! They are always most welcome to join in the fun at the Yellow Green Farmers Market!**
Market Finds
A true destination spot for locals and tourists alike, the market is a lush oasis in the heart of an urban landscape. The Yellow Green Farmers Market is committed to creating a tradition around food, friends, family in support of an earth friendly, balanced lifestyle. Welcome.
Explore the Yellow Green Farmers Market Village
Where to find us
Yellow Green Farmers Market
3080 Sheridan Street
Hollywood, FL 33021