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Yellow Green Farmers Market
3080 Sheridan Street
Hollywood, FL 33021
Phone: 954.513.3990


Saturday & Sunday 10:00am - 6:30pm

Parking Information:

The Yellow Green Farmers Market Village offers 3 different parking areas, each with different parking rates.

North Lot:  A flat all-day rate of $10.00

South Lot: Parking time is charged $10.00 for every 3-hour time block. At the beginning of each 3-hour block, a new $10.00 charge shall apply.

VIP Lot: All-day flat fee parking rate of $30.00.

The Yellow Green Farmers Market Village offers an Uber & Lyft designated drop-off/pickup location. All ridesharing services may pick up and drop off only in the designated location. (See map for details)


1940 N 30th Road
Hollywood, FL 33021

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